The story of RAM’N - a family adventure

RAM’N was created in the year 2013 and origins from love for our daughters. We had a desire to acknowledge their creativity and show how much we appreciated their works of art. We are now able to help other parents to do likewise. Read our story here.

A declaration of love for our daughters

We felt like bad parents when the girls proudly presented their works of art that just ended up in a pile or was tucked away in a box. Especially for Thomas, who is a cabinetmaker and designer, it was important that their creativity was recognized, but it was difficult to show, when the drawings were not treated according to their value.

Therefore, his curly brain set about devising and designing a frame that would match the other fine picture frames in the house. We received many works of art from the girls, so the frame should also be able to store a lot of drawings. And it should be an easy and quick matter for the children themselves to frame the drawings, in order that all the beautiful pieces of art could receive the tribute they deserved.

RAM’N is a pure declaration of love for our girls and their creative curiosity, and a love of wood, good craftsmanship and timeless design.

frame in oak, pink

From basement to Louisiana

The first RAM’N frames were created in the basement of 9 square meters under our 2-bedroom apartment, but when one of the first 50 frames was sold at Louisiana almost 7 years ago, our adventure really took off. When demand began to increase, we entered into a collaboration with a workshop for handicapped people, GHV in Skovshoved, which produces our smart internal mechanism. Since then, well over 18,000 frames have been through our hands. We assemble and pack all the frames ourselves to ensure that the quality and finish are top notch.

We have won both a Danish and a foreign design award, been presented in several TV-programs. Furthermore, RAM’N has been used in offices, institutions, hospitals, and in 2018 we received our largest order so far of 850 RAM’N for a new school – all to be hung on one single wall. We look forward to the many new challenges that await us, and are eager to help still more parents celebrate their children’s creativity.

Children must be recognized

We want to help create a world where children feel valuable and are able to live out their full potential. An important place to start is to recognize children and ensure that they feel self-esteem and self-confidence. That’s why RAM’N originally was designed for children. That is, its intuitive design allows children to use RAM’N themselves, and there is room for stacking as many as 50 drawings. This means, that the children may decide for themselves when a drawing is finished and deserves to be framed, and it teaches them that the process is more important than the result – it is important that children do not feel pressured into performance. We often receive wonderful messages from parents who tell us that RAM’N helps them recognize their children in a busy day and that it has meant a lot to their creative development.