Spice up the workplace with RAM'N

We have helped many companies frame their most important things, right from children’s artwork to work tools. We would love to help you as well.

RAM'N - much more than a children's frame

We have solved many different tasks for the companies that have bought RAM’N over the years. Most of them have solved a challenge of exhibiting children’s drawings in a smart, practical and aesthetic way. Nurseries, kindergartens and schools in particular use the framework for decoration, play and learning. Furthermore, when the child is leaving the institution for good, all the child’s drawings are assembled in RAM’N in chronological order.

Many children’s drawings are also presented in RAM’N in offices, where customers have reported back that they have obtained an easy and nice solution. With the children’s drawings in RAM’N, the office became more personal, while still retaining a stylish look. Our customers also include dentists and medical doctors. There is even a car dealer who has a children’s area where the children can make drawings and have the drawings framed in RAM’N while their parents study the cars.

Many are also realizing that RAM’N can be used for much more than wonderful children’s art. It is available in many different looks and suits any business. It is used, for example, for diplomas at Trustpilot, research documents at Bispebjerg Hospital, teaching and creative play at Fensmarkskolen, gifts at galleries and today’s menu at restaurants.


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