This is how RAM'N works

1) Hang up your RAM’N
Drill a hole in the wall and insert a rawplug. Hold the back panel and the two panels of the frame against the wall so that you can see the hole in the wall through the hole in the panels. Screw the screw through the hole and attach the outer frame. Now your RAM’N hangs nicely on the wall and rotates 360 degrees.

2) Frame the drawings
Hold the drawing up against the frame and give it a light press. Whoop! Then it is framed, exactly as a work of art deserves! There is room for as many as 50 works of art, so finally unleash your creativity.

3) Empty the RAM’N again
When your RAM’N is full, you can easily empty it again by pulling out the outer frame so that it clicks off. The many fine works of art can now be browsed in chronological order and the RAM’N can be refilled.

4) Replace the acrylic edge
Give your RAM’N a new look by replacing the acrylic edge. Grab the acrylic edge of the long link of the frame and pull it towards the center of the frame until it bends slightly and gives. Now you can easily take out the remaining ones and insert new ones.

Watch the video or download a guide here.