Stockmar water colour pencils

These water colour pencils are exclusively made for Mercurius in collaboration with Stockmar and Lyra. The large triangular coloured pencils are rounded and have a painted colour coating and a strong 6.5 mm pin that lasts a long time. The 12 colours are classified according to Goethe’s colour wheel.

When painting or drawing with the Stockmar colour pencils, you will experience a noticeable difference compared to other colour pencils:

All colours are guaranteed free of all harmful chemicals and contain beeswax, colour pigments, paraffin and vegetable stearin.
They are comfortable and easy to use, as no hard pressing is required to produce a clear and distinct colour.
The pleasant sanded linen wood surrounding the 6.25 mm thick stick is lovely to hold
The thick, firm pencil means the crayon has a long shelf life.
Age: 2+

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