Celebrate your child’s creativity with a RAM’N frame in beautiful, smoked oak wood with a white acrylic inner frame. To add a new drawing, all you have to do is hold the drawing against the frame and add pressure. And voila, it’s perfectly framed, just like it deserves! The frame can rotate 360 degrees and fits 50 drawings. The frame can be used for anything from drawings to recipes – the only limit is your imagination. When you wish to empty the frame, you simply remove the back.

You can easily replace the acrylic inner frame to give your RAM’N a whole new look. Purchase an extra inner frame and change the color of you RAM’N whenever you want.

Product specifications
Measurements: L: 33 W: 24 D: 4,8
Fits 50 A4 paper sheets
Ages: from 0
Contains a wall plug and a small wooden plate, so your RAM’N can rotate 360 degrees

Useful information:
The RAM’N frame is made of untreated wood. If you wish to make the frame a little darker, you can polish the frame with beeswax. You can also wash it with soap shavings and wipe with a dry cloth. This will give it back its freshness and wooden scent.

Unsure how to use your RAM’N? See this easy guide.

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