What is RAM’N®

RAM’N®  is a frame where you may frame a drawing in 2 seconds. Besides, it may contain up to 50 drawings or other works of art.

How does it work?

Hold the drawing against the acrylic list – and press – voila, the drawing is framed. Whwn a new drawing  is ready it is pressed in against the previous drawing. In this way up to 50 drawings may be framed before you have to think of emptying RAM’N®.

The drawings are thus lying in chronological order and you may study the evolution with your child.

RAM’N® may be hung on the wall and be turned to portrait or landscape orientation or e.g. stand on the desk.


Do you remember how much effort you put into your drawings when you were a kid?
We do! Therefore the idea of a special frame came up, a frame where we could put a child’s drawings into right away when we had received it from an excited child.

In addition, we would like the frame to fit with the frames one otherwise use for art and photography in order to show the children that their art is worth as much as the other artwork that will be exhibited on the house walls.

The result is called RAM’N®. Thats the way ‘Frame’ is pronounced in danish.
The Frame~Rammen~RAM’N®r det.



RAM’N® can also be bought here

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