Children's creativity deserves to be celebrated!

Celebrate your child’s creativity and imagination with RAM’N and watch the confidence blossom.

A love for creativity and craftsmanship

RAM’N is a small family owned business – driven by our love for creativity, beautiful wood and craftsmanship.

Therefore, RAM’N are made of FSC certified wood,
produced by skilled woodworkers in Poland and assembled here in our little workshop in North Zealand. We love to be the last people to hold the frames in our hands before they are shipped off to bring joy in homes all across the world.

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RAM'N - The gift that keeps giving

Are you searching for the perfect and unique christmas gift or birthday gift? RAM’N isn’t only popular amongst parents who are feeling bad for not framing and hanging their kid’s beautiful drawings. Grandparents also enjoy looking at their grandchild’s art and having it renewed after every visit. RAM’N encourages creativity play and immersion and ensures that the drawings get the attention and tribute they deserve.

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